• Project Name: 32in24-7
  • Game:  Doom 2
  • Engine: Boom
  • Game Type: CTF
  • Total Maps: 35
  • Total Contributed: 3
  • Total Detailed: 2
  • Status: Released
  • Release Date: 08/05/08


The second CTF themed 32in24, maybe not as successful as the first CTF 32in24, which was 32in24-4, but still a fairly solid release for the YEDS team! The assembly line style of 32in24-5 returns once again, with some people making only layouts, some only providing detailing, and others doing both. The result? Positive overall, although a decent chunk of the maps suffered from over-detailing, really low light levels, or layouts that were just too huge/complex. Unfortunately I’m also guilty of that last one with map26. That being said, this project did produce some pretty nice gems, with a some maps being included in the official IDL mapset, and a few even appearing in a couple of seasons!


Screenshots Map Name Map Slot Author Comments
32in24-7-map07-1 City of Dirty Maniacs Map07 Layout by Stewboy, detailing by me.  COME TO ZOZO GET YOUR ASS MUGGED
32in24-7-map08-132in24-7-map08-2 Really Pissed-Off Libraries Map08 Layout by Brinks, detailing by me. These libraries don’t give a tinker’s damn
32in24-7-map22-132in24-7-map22-2 Gargantuan Retarded Map22 Layout by me, detailing by Mechadon.  Another CTF layout created by me, and the lovely detailing from community robot Mechadon. Turns out this was actually a pretty solid map, and it saw a good amount of action in the IDL. (A Doom capture the flag league)
32in24-7-map26-132in24-7-map26-2 Broken Bones and Shit Map26  Layout by me, detailing by Esselfortium. A CTF map inspired by the map Twin Fortress from the game Blood. This map took me like 4 or 5 hours to make, and I thought it would be a cool map that required some team coordination to really make it shine. Well it turns out it was just too damn ass complicated for its own good, and nobody really liked it. A shame because Essel did such a nice job with the visuals in the map.
32in24-7-map01-1 Fear and Loating in Dwango5 Map01  Layout by me, detailing by Bucket. This was a last minute map by me if I remember right, and was just a really basic layout. Bucket did a cool job detailing it, although I think he made it too dark.



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