Double Impact



  • Project Name: Double Impact
  • Game: Ultimate Doom
  • Engine: Limit Removing
  • Game Type: Single Player
  • Total Maps: 9
  • Total Contributed: N/A
  • Status: Released
  • Release Date: 3/30/2011


Double Impact is a 9 map Episode 1 replacement for Ultimate Doom that was created by me and Ralphis. It was born from a unique way of construction, by passing the maps back and forth, each of us adding onto on areas that the other person made until the map was completed.

A Limit-Removing Port is Required!

An Exciting Innovative Style of Mapping!

Cooperative Tag-Team Construction Resulting In Dynamic Feel!


Screenshot_Doom_20131013_180832 Screenshot_Doom_20131013_180948 Screenshot_Doom_20131013_181030 Screenshot_Doom_20131013_181118 Screenshot_Doom_20131013_181224 Screenshot_Doom_20131013_181330

Winner of a 2011 Cacoward!


Download it HERE!


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