Evilution The Way Team TNT Did


  • Project Name: Evilution The Way Team TNT Did
  • Game:  TNT
  • Engine: Doom2.exe
  • Game Type: SP
  • Total Maps: Will be 32… eventually
  • Total Contributed: 3
  • Status: In Progress
  • Release Date: N/A


Part of the two-part project: “Final Doom The Way id Did”, which includes TNT and Plutonia. It’s still relatively early in development, but it’s been fun trying to emulate some of the more infamous aspects of TNT style mapping.


Screenshots Map Name Map Slot Comments
Screenshot_Doom_20140222_164034Screenshot_Doom_20140222_163952 Foundry n/a My first TNT map entry, for this map I attempted to emulate Team TNT member Jim Lowell. He loves crates and barrels.
Screenshot_Doom_20140325_052319Screenshot_Doom_20140403_150147 Fissure n/a My second TNT map entry, this time summoning the spirit of Team TNT member Drake O’ Brien. Drake is known for his slightly eccentric mapping style, with his running themes being wacky progression and sometimes extremely large areas. It was quite a bit of work but I managed to finish the map and I’m mostly happy with it. However I feel some areas could maybe be more Drake-ish.
substructure-1 substructure-2 Substructure n/a A third TNT map that I decided to make, with no TNT mapper being imitated. So I just went for something that would hopefully feel like a map from 1996.


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