Ghouls vs Humans


  • Project Name: Ghouls vs Humans
  • Game:  Doom 2
  • Engine: Zandronum
  • Game Type: Team LMS Mod
  • Total Maps: 48
  • Total Contributed: 1
  • Status: Released
  • Release Date: 02/27/09


This map started off as a potential map for the next UDM after 3, but since that particular early version of UDMX eventually fell through, this map was shelved for a while and I used my other UDM maps for Dynamite DM instead. A few years later I decided to make a map for Cutman’s Ghouls vs Humans skulltag mod, which was fairly new at the time and most of the maps for it were pretty bad. I remembered the one map that didn’t make it into the next UDM or Dynamite, so I decided to use that map as a starting point for my GvH map. The inspiration for it mostly comes from Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl, and Left 4 Dead, with a heavy emphasis on a dark moody atmosphere.  Looking back on it today, it definitely has some flaws as far as visual design is concerned, it’s pretty ugly in some areas, but I feel like the strong layout and atmosphere make up for that. Overall a map I’m still pretty happy with!



gvh-map20-4 gvh-map20-3 gvh-map20-2 gvh-map20-1


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