Iron Blue


  • Map Name: Iron Blue
  • Game:  Doom 2
  • Engine: Zandronum
  • Game Type: DOM/LMS
  • Status: Unreleased
  • Release Date: N/A


A large domination map that was originally going to be in a project for ZDaemon’s domination mode a few years ago. The project was going to have maps by Chaindude and me, but due to ZDaemon being incredibly slow to release server binaries so we could actually test our maps, Chaindude losing interest, and the ZDaemon staff generally being shit heels, the project didn’t last very long. So I’ve been sitting on this map that’s never been tested and never used in anything for years now, and it makes me really sad! I’ve been thinking about starting up either a new Domination mode wad, or another LMS project for Zandronum and using this map in one of them. Not sure what to do tho! As for the theme, it’s very Unreal/Unreal Tournament inspired, taking some design cues (and some textures hehehehh) from the Unreal level “Na Pali Haven”.


ironblue-1 ironblue-2 ironblue-3 ironblue-4 ironblue-5


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