Parthoris DM


  • Project Name: Parthoris DM
  • Game:  Heretic
  • Engine: Limit Removing
  • Game Type: Duel/DM
  • Total Maps: 11
  • Total Contributed: 2
  • Status: Released
  • Release Date: 02/07/07


Parthoris DM is one of the very few 1v1/deathmatch wads for Heretic, and most likely also the best one. It’s a project started by Chaindude, and has maps by authors such as Hobomaster22, Nestea, and deathz0r among a few others. There’s a lot of solid maps here, so it’s a shame that no one plays Heretic’s competitive modes.

Screenshots Map Name Map Slot Comments
parthoris-e1m2-2 parthoris-e1m2-1 parthoris-e1m2-3



e1m2 e1m2  The first map I made for the project, and might be the first Heretic map I made? Not much to say about this one, I think it came out nice though.
parthoris-e2m1-1parthoris-e2m1-2Screenshot_Doom_20150421_193155 parthoris-e2m1-3 e2m1 e2m1 This is actually a refurbished map that I made for the iPhone version of Doom, back when John Carmack actually made a post on the Doomworld forums about being interested in having deathmatch maps submitted for the port. Unfortunately that fell through and it later became this Heretic map you see here!

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