Relentless Beating CTF


  • Project Name: RBCTF
  • Game:  Doom 2
  • Engine: Skulltag
  • Game Type: CTF
  • Total Maps: 15
  • Total Contributed: 1
  • Status: Released
  • Release Date: 06/11/09


The Skulltag CTF wad of the now defunct clan Relentless Beating. Metalhead contacted me 5 or 6 years ago asking if she  could use my really ancient Skulltag CTF map Oscuro Canyon in RB’s upcoming CTF wad. I was actually genuinely surprised that she even wanted to use it, considering it was one of my very first CTF maps ever made, it was ugly as hell, and the layout wasn’t that great either. Turns out though that my map was actually one of the better maps in the wad… which really says a lot about RBCTF.


rbctf-map06-1 rbctf-map06-2


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