• Project Name: TTV!Zone Compilation #1
  • Game:  Doom 2
  • Engine: ZDoom
  • Game Type: SP
  • Total Maps: 45
  • Total Contributed: 3
  • Status: Released
  • Release Date: 08/19/13


A large collection of Speed-Maps made during the Tango TV 5 in 100 events. Each Map was made in 100 minutes and had to use a special ingredient. (Decided by Supreme Decider Seele00TextOnly).


Screenshots Map Name Map Slot Comments
ttvzone!-1-map04 TNT The Way RottKing Did Map04  It was a long while since the last time I had made a single player speedmap, so I was honestly surprised at how well this map came out. There’s definitely a bunch of way more impressive speedmaps in this wad, but for me it was pretty good.
ttvzone!-1-map14 Cat Face of Doom Map14 I tried to get ambitious with this map, what with the large scale and the texture set I picked, but it didn’t pan out as well as I thought it would. It’s not horrible but I feel like I wasted the map’s potential.
ttvzone!-1-map37 Mega Spider Bitch Map37  My third and final speedmap in the wad, and probably my best one. The theme for the session was to use a spidermastermind(s) effectively, since they’re a monster that’s kind of hard to use well. It’s Plutonia themed and overall I’m really happy with how this map turned out, both visually and gameplay-wise.


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